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We purchased a GSD and she was beautiful, healthy and happy...we had 7 wonderful years with her...and then the unexpected...Hemangiosarcoma! One day she was fine the next very lethargic, took her to vet, stomach filling with blood due to ruptured tumor on her spleen...emergency surgery to remove bleeding tumor...we were in the process of scheduling an appointment with oncology and she got lethargic again, we called the hospital and they said get her in to them now...she was having internal bleeding again and her stomach was filling with blood, they could not open her up again because they did not know where the bleeding was coming from and if we waited too long her stomach would press on her diaphragm so we had no choice but to put her out of her misery, her heart rate was up and her breathing two weeks from first diagnosis she was gone!

Has anyone had a cancer experience with there GSD from Fleischerheim? Robert in Boston, MASS

Review about: Fleischerheim German Shepherd Dog.

Reason of review: lost a beautiful member of our family to cancer.

I liked: Fine.

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Robert please contact me via Facebook, Neil Okrent - similar situation, same cancer, dog from different breeder, my dog was exposed to Formaldehyede fumes


We just had the same tumor on spleen suddenly take our truly remarkable 6 year old male. Vet said it’s more common than one thinks for GSDs.

We are absolutely heartbroken but do not blame Bill.

We would in fact like to get a pup from the same breeding. I don’t know if Bill offers a discount or not in these unfortunate circumstances.


I had purchased an eight week old puppy from Bill and had to put her to sleep at the young age of 8, because she had Degenerative Myelopathy (DM). Bill stated that if I purchased another puppy, he would discount the next pup.

This year I purchased another puppy (9 months old) and have had medical issues from the start.

She came to me with a urinary tract infection, a bacterial intestinal infection, and a fungus on one of her hint legs. The UTI has cleared up, but the intestine and fungus infection persist.

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