I bought an older puppy from him that he "discounted". It was a super well-bred dog (out of the 2010 world champion, Ober Von Bad-Boll), but he was 9 months old by the time I bought him and had never seen the outside of a kennel. It took two people to get a collar on him. He was scared of everything. I tried to walk him and he kept tripping, because he had always been on flat cement and didn't even understand anything about uneven ground. He was afraid to go inside; afraid of absolutely everything. He is also extremely cow-hocked and Bill assured me he would grow out of it, but he did not! I have worked with him, and he isn't so scared or aggressive at all, he is beautiful, but he is still "quirky". As many others have noted, he has an extremely short attention span and has been extremely difficult to train. He missed out on that important "developmental" time.

I was also appalled by the condition of the kennel. When we went there it was stinky from the time we got out of the car. The dogs were all filthy and the kennels were disgusting. Then dogs were all barking and jumping at the kennel doors and it was deafening. Anyone that even considers purchasing a dog here needs to go visit the kennel. You need to insist upon it. It is absolutely unacceptable. It is not difficult to see why the dogs are "crazy" when you see the conditions they live in! I wish we had gotten "Abe" at 8 weeks instead of 9 months and it may have made a difference...it is hard to know. I just know there are many reputable breeders where this would never happen. Find them! Reward them with your business. Go take a look at this establishment and purchase somewhere else! Wish I would have seen the warnings first!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fleischerheim Dog.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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I also purchased a puppy that was 9 months old. When my sister picked her up, she stunk so bad that it took my sisters days to get the smell out of her truck.

The pup is absolutely beautiful, however, she came to me with medical issues, i.e.

urinary tract infection, bacterial intestinal infection, and a fungus on one of her hind legs. Urinary tract infection was resolved, after treatment, but the other two infections persist.

Hawthorne, California, United States #1221326

You saw how the kennel was filthy and you still bought the dog. Its your fault for still getting a *** dog.


Yes we also bought a dog from him and we have the same problem with our female she is so high strung and unmanageable this man is a crook and should be shut down. I think everyone that paid the insane amount of money they did for a unfit un healthy dog with all health problems should start a lawsuit against this man.

It is un fair to the animals and the customers. He needs to be stoped!

New Jersey, United States #924414

I am sorry to hear that i was ready to purchase a puppy and will not do. i have lots of doughts your dog should not be affraid if he realy is obers son these dogs should have solid nerves so i dont think that the puppies that are sold here are what they say.They also have there levels loke superb excelent etc.and the prices are extremely high do you imagen buying one of these dogs and then they will be afraid of everything?..sorry im thinking fraude here.

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