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Recently euthanized my 10 yr old GSD that I purchased from Fleischerheim Kennels in Texas.

I have owned GSD dogs and Dobermans my entire life and experienced with training.

This dog was a looker with good breeding however, her list of ailments was overwhelming. Here are just a few: gracilis muscle contracture ( hind leg),

allergies,skin problems,no attention span,restlessness,fearful of any loud noise,very difficult to train.

She drained the life out of me with the constant aliments and training issues.Please reconsider before you purchase from this kennel.I have learned that when a kennel breeds such a large number of puppies it should definitely raise red flags.

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Sacramento, California, United States #1077389

I have a 5yr old male, bought from Bill, who is the best dog I have ever owned (Had GSD's my whole life). I wouldn't sell him for any amount.

He is my kids best friend, and has the sweetest, and goofiest personality I've ever seen in a dog. I would absolutely recommend Fleischerheim to anyone.

Los Angeles, California, United States #994826

I bought a three year old male Shutzhund 3 from Bill about three years ago.

The dog was and is outstanding. Bill had recently imported him from West Germany for breeding and I am lucky he sold him to me.

My experience with Bill from visiting his facility to the shipping of the dog was quite acceptable and professional.

Spring Branch, Texas, United States #897495

Thanks for the input. Will look elsewhere!


I had the same issues with a puppy purchased from

Dyan Merkel who is affiliated with Fleisherhiem.

Midland, Texas, United States #765143

I have a male I bought from Bill almost 2 years ago. He's great.

I mean REALLY GREAT. I have had dogs my whole life from national champions to mutts and he's already one of the best. An experienced retired canine police head loves him and says he's as good as you are going to get. My vet loves him too.

I always feed and inoculate my dogs with their upmost health in mind. I'd be cautious of some vets-if its serious get a second opinion. I'm glad I have a great vet that I've used for 20 years. There are some messed up vets out there.

I don't always blame the breeder if there's a health issue. Really all they can do is get the breeding stock checked and hope for the best. I've known many excellent breeders who can't always guarantee a healthy disease free dog. Especially when they introduce a new line.

My boy wasn't the most expensive but he's priceless to me. He's fearless and super smart. Ive done a few tests with him and his mental capacity is incredible.

I am sorry for your bad experience-it just is so different from my experience. I feel sorry for the dog as well.

Austin, Texas, United States #702199

I bought a top dog from Bill about 11 years ago. This pup was a Neptune Bad-Boll son and was beautiful.

Things starting going dowm hill from the moment we brought him home. I had asked Bill if there was anything wrong with this dog before I bought him...he say "No!". On day one we noticed that he had a break at the end of his tail. Over the years this dog has cost me a fortune in vet bills.

He's got every genetic problem imaginable. Allegies, nurological spine degeneration issues, joint issues, DM, dental problems, enlarged esophigus, bloat...I could go on and on. My wife loves this dog and I have simply paid the vet bills to keep this guy going.

Bill doesn't care about the buyers or the dogs..He's in it for the money. On a GSD website that I go to regularly, another happy Fliesherhiem owner said that Bill would sell the gold teeth out of his mothers mouth...Stay far away from this crook!!

Monterey Park, California, United States #674485

I have to ad my voice to the support of Bill and his dogs. My first dog I purchased from Bill was in 1980 and my last GSD was as recent as several years ago.

My current pup lived to 13 -- an amazing old age for a GSD. I would ONLY purchase from Bill. Honest, knows his business and a great guy.

If you are looking for a true GSD - go to Bill.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #658521

Over the years I've purchased 6 dogs from Bill. I was more than satisfied with each one of them. If you are looking for West German GSDs, Bill is the man to go to.

Kingsport, Tennessee, United States #657708

I don't know what your name is, but YOU are soooo full of *** that it is coming out your mouth !! EVERY product can have a defect, be it a car, a toaster, or a dog, and it does seem funny that you waited 10 years to start *** about it.

I have purchased 3 dogs from Bill Fleischer over the years and EVERYONE OF THEM were AMAZINGLY Beautiful, smart, Very trainable, Gorgeous dogs.

I would/will go back to Bill for the next one also. Quit spreading your *** about a subject you don't know what you are talking about.

to mighty monty #1456590

I had to put my 8 yr. GSD to sleep, because she had Degenerative Myelopathy (DM).

Bill told me that if I purchase another dog from him, he would sell her at a discount. This year, I did purchase a 9 month old puppy from him. Wen my sister picked the pup up, she stunk so bad that it took her days to get that smell out of her truck. The pup came to me with an urinary tract infection, bacterial intestinal infection, and a fungus on one of her hind legs.

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones, but I am very disappointed. My pup is absolutely beautiful, but I do not appreciate having to start of with medical bills.


I purchased 3 pups from Fleischerheim and they are all healthy, beautiful and have great temperaments. But two of them do not have the drive necessary to do Schutzhund. That's okay though, they should make nice obedience, rally, or service dogs and I can take them anywhere without worrying about them showing aggression to people.

They are all three a joy to be with and stop traffic no matter where I take them due to their beauty.

I've had NO GENETIC HEALTH issues with them in the 2 years that I have had them.

I do believe that the showline conformation (which is what most red and black German Shepherds have) leads to more hip, back, and movement problems due to the humped back and extreme angulation that many of them have. The working lines have a much more beautiful conformation and I believe less health problems. Not only that, but the working lines are much more athletic.

I also do not vaccinate other than the required by law rabies shot (I wouldn't do this if it wasn't required by law since Rabies is almost extinct and really poses no threat), and do not use chemical flea and tick drugs, and try to use holistic type of meds on my dogs instead of pumping them full of dangerous drugs that the vets give out. I think that this keeps them much healthier and gives them a healthier immune system.

Instead of blaming the breeder for all your problems, why not take a close look at how you might be poisoning your dog through shots, flea and tick meds, wormers, commercial dog food, household air fresheners, dryer sheets, fabric softener, detergents, household chemical cleaners, fragrances (including perfumes), etc. All of these items negatively affect a dogs (and humans) physical and mental health and temperament and could have caused all your health problems with her.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #613718




I purchased a male and is absolutely perfect and beautiful in every way. Why did u wait 10 yrs to complain? Just curious?



Go to the animal shelter instead of buying from a breeder.

to cohena2 Kingsport, Tennessee, United States #657705

you won't find a Gorgeous black and red German Shepherd like you get from Fleischerheim at a animal shelter. I know a lot of breeders are shaky, but Not all of them, and Bill Fleischer is one of the Best in the Country. Thank You

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